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Session:   3.3-6 Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 6 (On-site)
Co-Chair(s):   Edward Albada
Day:   Thursday, September 23, 2021
Time:   1:30 PM - 2:50 PM
Room:   Town and Country C  


Presenting Author:   Ron AbileahjOmegak
Paper Title:   Bathymetry of the Golfe d'Arguin, Mauritania, derived with the moderate resolution Sentinel 2 satellites.
Author(s):   Ron Abileah, jOmegak
Jean-Yves Blot, CHAM, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Presenting Author:   Edward AlbadaEOMAP
Paper Title:   Latest Developments in Satellite Derived Bathymetry: Technology, Use Cases and Tools
Author(s):   Knut Hartmann, EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG
Edward Albada, EOMAP
Thomas Heege, EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG

Presenting Author:   Amaresh MahapatraLinden Photonics, Inc.
Paper Title:   Design, Manufacture, and Deployment of Buoyant Cables in Underwater Applications
Author(s):   Amaresh Mahapatra, Linden Photonics, Inc.
STEPHEN O'RIORDEN, Linden Photonics, Inc.

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