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Session:   10.4-1 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 1 (On-site)
Co-Chair(s):   Peter LeHardy
Day:   Thursday, September 23, 2021
Time:   10:40 AM - 12:00 PM
Room:   Town and Country B  


Presenting Author:   Peter LeHardyPhoenix International
Paper Title:   Record Breaking Deep Ocean Salvage Operations
Author(s):   Peter LeHardy, Phoenix International
Mark Heinrich, Phoenix International Holdings, Inc.

Presenting Author:   Jason GederNaval Research Laboratory
Paper Title:   Fluid-Structure Modeling and the Effects of Passively Deforming Fins in Flapping Propulsion Systems
Author(s):   Jason Geder, Naval Research Laboratory
Ravi Ramamurti, US Naval Research Laboratory
Kaushik Sampath, US Naval Research Laboratory
Marius Pruessner, US Naval Research Laboratory
Kamal Viswanath, US Naval Research Laboratory

Presenting Author:   Emir GezerUniversity of Rhode Island
Paper Title:   Towards seafloor mapping using an affordable micro-UUV
Author(s):   Emir Gezer, University of Rhode Island
Lin Zhao, University of Rhode Island
Jordan Beason, University of Rhode Island
Mingxi Zhou, University of Rhode Island

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