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Session:   3.3-1 Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1 (On-site)
Co-Chair(s):   David Velasco
Day:   Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Time:   1:30 PM - 2:50 PM
Room:   Town and Country C  


Presenting Author:   Evan ShapiroSofar Ocean
Paper Title:   Bristlemouth: An open connectivity standard for marine applications
Author(s):   Tim Janssen, Sofar Ocean
Evan Shapiro, Sofar Ocean

Presenting Author:   David VelascoNortek Group
Paper Title:   Performance evaluation of a combined ADCP-scientific echosounder system
Author(s):   David Velasco, Nortek Group
Briony Hutton, Echoview
Dominique Lefèvre, UMR 110 AMU - 7294 CNRS - 235 IRD - UTLN
Bruno Zakardjian, UMR 110 AMU - 7294 CNRS - 235 IRD - UTLN
Carl Gojak, Division Technique de L'INSU
Karim Mahiouz, Division Technique de L'INSU
Celine Heyndrickx, Division Technique de L'INSU
Sven Nylund, Nortek Group
Antoine Bezile, Nortek Group

Presenting Author:   Braidan DuffyFlorida Institute of Technology
Paper Title:   Project EVE: The Core of a Neoteric Environmental Sampling Device
Author(s):   Stephen Wood, Florida Institute of Technology
Braidan Duffy, Florida Institute of Technology
Julia Jenkins, Florida Institute of Technology
Spencer Brittain, Florida Institute of Technology
Gabriella Santiago, Florida Institute of Technology
Parker Baillon, Florida Institute of Technology
Suzanne Dixon, Florida Institute of Technology

Presenting Author:   Christoph WaldmannUniversity of Bremen
Paper Title:   About the Value of Standards for Ocean Technology
Author(s):   Christoph Waldmann, University of Bremen
Thomas O'Reilly, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Fan Jiang, National Center of Ocean Standards and Metrology
Fausto Ferreira, University of Zagreb
Xianbo Xiang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Robert McCummins, Leidos
Venugopalan Pallayil, National University of Singapore
Shashikant Patil, SVKMs NMIMS Mumbai India

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