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Session:   V10.4-3 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 3 (Virtual)
Co-Chair(s):   Giuseppe Casalino
Day:   Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Time:   1:00 PM - 2:20 PM local Porto time zone (GMT+1)
Room:   Virtual Room 1  


Presenting Author:   Mohit GuptaBirla Institute of Technology and Science
Paper Title:   Hardware in the Loop Simulator for a Coral Reef Monitoring Robot (C-Bot)
Author(s):   Mohit Gupta, Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Pramod Maurya, CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography

Presenting Author:   Francisco Jes˙s FontUniversity of the Balearic Islands
Paper Title:   Marine Robots for Control of Alien Invasive Species
Author(s):   Francisco Jes˙s Font, University of the Balearic Islands
Miguel Martin-Abadal, University of the Balearic Islands
Eric Guerrero-Font, University of the Balearic Islands
Antoni Martorell, University of the Balearic Islands
Bo Miquel  Nordtfeldt, University of the Balearic Islands
Julia Ma˝ez, IMEDEA - Mediterranean Institute of Advances Studies
Fiona Tomas, IMEDEA - Mediterranean Institute of Advances Studies
Yolanda Gonzalez-Cid, University of the Balearic Islands

Presenting Author:   Jose CappellettoUniversity of Southampton
Paper Title:   Predicting locations for making geotechnical measurements with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Author(s):   Jose Cappelletto, University of Southampton
Blair Thornton, University of Southampton
Adrian Bodenmann, University of Southampton
Takaki Yamada, University of Southampton
Miquel Massot-Campos, University of Southampton
Mehul Sangekar, X-STAR, JAMSTEC
David White, University of Southampton
Justin Dix, University of Southampton
Darry Newborough, Sonardyne International

Presenting Author:   Oscar NissenNTNU
Paper Title:   Modelling and control of a 6 DOF robot manipulator for underwater applications - aquaculture related case studies
Author(s):   Bent Haugal°kken, SINTEF Ocean
Oscar Nissen, NTNU
Herman Amundsen, SINTEF Ocean
Martin F°re, NTNU
Eleni Kelasidi, SINTEF Ocean

Presenting Author:   Nicholas SadjoliSaab Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Paper Title:   Acoustic 3D Point Cloud-based Perception for Robust Docking of Automated Underwater Vehicles in Turbid Waters
Author(s):   Nicholas Sadjoli, Saab Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Hao Gen Chia, Nanyang Technological University
Dinh Quang  Huy, Nanyang Technological University
Cai Yiyu, Nanyang Technological University
Seet Gim Lee, Nanyang Technological University
Basman Elhadidi, Nanyang Technological University

Presenting Author:   Thomas CimiegaFachhochschule Kiel
Paper Title:   A Cooperative Sensor-Based Navigational Concept for Heterogeneous AUV Swarms
Author(s):   Thomas Cimiega, Fachhochschule Kiel
Sabah Badri-Hoeher, Fachhochschule Kiel

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