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Session:   P2 Affordable Ocean Systems and Technologies (Virtual)
Co-Chair(s):   Nuno Cruz
Day:   Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Time:   1:00 PM - 2:20 PM local Porto time zone (GMT+1)
Room:   Virtual Room 3  


Presenting Author:   Jiaying ZHUZhejiang University
Paper Title:   Reliability Analysis of Full-freedom Underwater Magnetic Induction Communication Using Tri-directional Receiving Antenna
Author(s):   Jiaying ZHU, Zhejiang University
Huifang CHEN, Zhejiang University
Lei XIE, Zhejiang University

Presenting Author:   Michelle KornbergMIT Sea Grant
Paper Title:   Autonomous vehicle for oyster aquaculture
Author(s):   Michelle Kornberg, MIT Sea Grant
Alexander Patton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Margaret Sullivan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrea Badillo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Anthony Kriezis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alejandro Lastra, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Herbert Turner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Presenting Author:   Kay StramaFraunhofer IOSB
Paper Title:   Evaluation of Wifi data transmission algorithms for short distance underwater communication
Author(s):   Kay Strama, Fraunhofer IOSB
Daniel Weber, Fraunhofer IOSB
Helge Renkewitz, Fraunhofer IOSB

Presenting Author:   Luis GoncalvesUniversity of Minho
Paper Title:   Underwater generator for submersible sensors
Author(s):   Luis Goncalves, University of Minho
Carlos Faria, University of Minho
Marcos Martins, Universidade do Minho
Rui Lima, University of Minho
Joćo Miranda, University of Porto
Tiago Matos, University of Minho

Presenting Author:   Renato HenriquesUnivensity of Minho
Paper Title:   Cost Effective CTD for Long Term Deployments in Water Columns
Author(s):   Joćo Rocha, Univensity of Minho
Luis Goncalves, Univensity of Minho
Tiago Matos, Univensity of Minho
Marcos Martins, Univensity of Minho
Sergio Lopes, Univensity of Minho
Pedro Gomes, Univensity of Minho
Renato Henriques, Univensity of Minho

Presenting Author:   Ivar SaksvikOsloMet
Paper Title:   Deep Learning Dead-Reckoning Navigation For Autonomous Underwater Vehicles With Limited Sensor Payloads
Author(s):   Ivar Saksvik, OsloMet
Alex Alcocer, Oslo Metropolitan University
Vahid Hassani, Oslo Metropolitan University

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