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Session:   V5.3-3 Numerical Modeling and Simulation 3 (Virtual)
Co-Chair(s):   Dhouha Kbaier Ben Ismail
Day:   Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Time:   2:30 PM - 3:50 PM local Porto time zone (GMT+1)
Room:   Virtual Room 4  


Presenting Author:   David ReiherCarl von Ossietzky Universitšt Oldenburg
Paper Title:   Review on the Current State of Scenario- and Simulation-Based V&V in Application for Maritime Traffic Systems
Author(s):   David Reiher, Carl von Ossietzky Universitšt Oldenburg
Axel Hahn, Carl von Ossietzky Universitšt Oldenburg

Presenting Author:   Mikhail LavrentievNovosibirsk State University
Paper Title:   The wavelength influence on tsunami height in Seto Inland Sea
Author(s):   Mikhail Lavrentiev, Novosibirsk State University
Andrey Marchuk, Institute of Automation and Electrometry
Mikhail Shadrin, Institute of Automation and Electrometry
Konstantin Oblaukhov, Institute of Automation and Electrometry

Presenting Author:   Dhouha Kbaier Ben IsmailThe Open University
Paper Title:   Advanced statistical analysis of environmental data in the Gascoyne Inlet
Author(s):   Dhouha Kbaier Ben Ismail, The Open University

Presenting Author:   Alejandro SolisUniversitat Jaume I
Paper Title:   An Underwater Simulation Server Oriented to Cooperative Robotic Interventions: The Educational Approach
Author(s):   Alejandro Solis, Universitat Jaume I
Raul Marin, Universitat Jaume I
Javier Marina, Universitat Jaume I
Francisco Moreno, Universitat Jaume I
Mario Avila, Universitat Jaume I
Marcos De La Cruz, Universitat Jaume I
Daniel Delgado, Universitat Jaume I
Pedro Sanz, Universitat Jaume I
Jose Marti, Universitat Jaume I

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