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Session:   P12-5 Artificial Intelligence in Ocean Science and Technology 5 (Virtual)
Co-Chair(s):   Antonio Goulart
Day:   Thursday, September 23, 2021
Time:   3:00 PM - 4:20 PM local Porto time zone (GMT+1)
Room:   Virtual Room 2  


Presenting Author:   Samantha CopeProtectedSeas, Anthropocene Institute
Paper Title:   Using machine learning to optimize autonomous tracking of vessels by marine radar
Author(s):   Samantha Cope, ProtectedSeas, Anthropocene Institute
Virgil Zetterlind, ProtectedSeas, Anthropocene Institute
Brendan Tougher, ProtectedSeas, Anthropocene Institute
Kelly Easterday, The Nature Conservancy

Presenting Author:   Nabil ShaukatInstitute of Oceanic Engineering Research, University of Malaga,
Paper Title:   Underwater Vehicle Positioning by Fuzzy and Neural Adaptive Kalman Sensor Fusion
Author(s):   Nabil Shaukat, Institute of Oceanic Engineering Research, University of Malaga,
Pablo Otero, Institute of Oceanic Engineering Research, University of Malaga,

Presenting Author:   Haishuo ChenRenmin University of China
Paper Title:   Fish-lateral-inspired pressure sensing LSTM neural networks for underwater object identification
Author(s):   Haishuo Chen, Renmin University of China
Sparsh Agaewal, Birla Institute of Technology & Science
Jiarui Yang, Shanghai Pinghe School
Jiashun Guan, Beijing Univ
Xiangyi Tang, Shanghai Pinghe School
Ang Li, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Gurvan Jodin, SATIE CNRS ENS Rennes
Dixia Fan, Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering, Queen?s University

Presenting Author:   Jeremy CoffeltTechnical University of Denmark
Paper Title:   Anomaly Detection in Side Scan Sonar
Author(s):   Jeremy Coffelt, Technical University of Denmark
Jesper Christensen, Technical University of Denmark

Presenting Author:   Josh PowerUniversity of New Brunswick
Paper Title:   Classifying Glare Intensity in Airborne Imagery Acquired during Marine Megafauna Survey
Author(s):   Josh Power, University of New Brunswick
Marc-Antoine Drouin, National Research Council Canada
Guillaume Durand, National Research Council Canada
Elizabeth Thompson, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Stephanie Ratelle, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Presenting Author:   Antonio GoulartIME-USP
Paper Title:   Deep learning and t-SNE projection for plankton images clusterization
Author(s):   Antonio Goulart, IME-USP
Alexandre Morimitsu, IME-USP
Renan Jacomassi, IME-USP
Nina Hirata, IME-USP
Rubens Lopes, IO-USP

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